Tailormade Networking

Thanks to a vast experience and an ample network we are active in the technology, nuclear, medical and energy field.


We provide consulting and pragmatic  solutions in merge/aquisition and real estate businesses.

 TECNOLOGICO - Rifiuti industriali

Soluzioni di  smaltimento dei rifiuti industriali (fanghi, scarti organici ecc) che permettono un eccezionale riduzione dei costi di smaltimento grazie ad un innovativo processo tecnologico brevettato, ottenendo acqua e materiale solido che opportunamente trattato può essere riutilizzato come sotto-prodotto

 TECH  - Carbon Fibre

Distribution of Recycled Carbon Fibre with excellent characteristichs such as omnidirectionality of fibers, heavy resistance to impact and affordability.
Distribution of Micronized Carbon Fiber obtained trought  an innovative Swiss Made process for use in friction industries, 3D composite printer, lubricant, and polymers reinforcement.

NUCLEAR - Radioprotection and Decommissioning

Consultations on the decontamination of civil and industrial plants, thanks to the strategic collaboration with Nucleco S.p.A. European industry leader.


Decommissioning plans and procedures
Definition of radioactive waste management plans
Definition and evaluation of decommissioning costs
Optimization of radiological characterization programs

We offer custom made solutions to fullfil your needs, thanks to an ample network of partner associates.


Project developper for integrated energy storage solutions especially suitable for diesel/renewable/hybrid installations, with excellent economic performances

Swiss distributor for high efficiency woody pirogassification solutions enabling thermal and electrical output with ultra low emissions.

MEDICAL - Medical gases


Swiss Agency for STM Sistemi Tecnologie Medicali S.r.l. European leader in the production of devices and accessories for the distribution of medical gases in hospitals and healthcare facilities in general.


Development of projects from the production of devices for the plants up to installation and maintenance of terminals and accessories for medical gas systems.

MEDICAL - Disinfection/Sanification

Authorized distributor for advanced sanitization technologies that drastically reduce (99.99%) bacteria, viruses, and fungi in hospital or healthcare environments, drastically reducing the incidence of potential nosocomial infections.


The Swiss Made products are rigorously certified and accompanied by important clinical references to which is added the ease of use and speed of disinfection, allowing you to combine safety and the best use of the environment.


Strategic consulting in corporate acquisitions and sales transactions.


Development of customized solutions in the real estate sector.


Support for internationalization projects.


Creation of work networks specific to the needs of programs and projects.


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